Employer FAQ
Employer FAQ

Employer FAQ

  • Do we have a Recruitment License or are we approved by Govt.?
    Yes, Jesseena is registered and approved by the Government of India, we are Licensed with Ministry of Shipping and Ministry of External Affairs.
  • What are the main advantages of using a recruitment company?
    We help you save your time. We will simply send you candidates for interview, rather than you having to sift through CVs. We have a database of many people looking for work, you can often find potential candidates very quickly. If you are recruiting temporary workers, we eliminate the need for you to spend time drawing up contracts or dealing with payroll issues. We can arrange for applicants to sit tests devised by you before sending them for interview, helping ensure you get the right calibre of candidates. We look into the complete processing of each candidate right from sourcing till mobilization following the guidelines outlined by you/your company or organization.
  • What are the Countries where we recruit?
    We recruit for Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Oman, Kuwait, Malaysia and Ireland
  • What is the processing time for any candidate selected?
    The processing of any candidate selected varies depending on the organization, country and position he/she is selected for. Generally it takes 1-2 months.
  • What categories do we recruit for ?
    We recruit candidates for permanent, temporary, part-time and locum categories across all sectors.
  • What are ‘ECR Countries’? List of countries for which ‘Emigration Clearance’ is mandatory
    "Emigration Check required" (ECR) Countries are countries notified by the Government of India for which it is mandatory for every individual holding Passport(s) in the said ECR country to obtain ‘Emigration Clearance’ (EC) from the ‘POE’ before proceeding on employment to any such countrie(s).
    List of 17 ECR countries is as below:
    1. United Arab Emirates(UAE)
    2. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA)
    3. Qatar
    4. Sultanate of Oman
    5. Kuwait
    6. Bahrain
    7. Libya
    8. Jordan
    9. Yemen
    10. Sudan
    11. Syria
    12. Lebanon
    13. Afghanistan
    14. Malaysia
    15. Thailand
    16. Indonesia
    17. Iraq
  • What is ‘Emigration Clearance’?
    ‘Emigration Clearance’ (EC) is the legal authorization for ‘emigration’ obtained in the prescribed manner and form from the Protector of Emigrants (POE). Emigration clearance is issued under provisions of Sec 22(1) of the Emigration Act 1983. This authorization is currently issued in the form of a ‘security sticker’ duly signed by the POE and gets pasted on the passport of the emigrant who requires Emigration Clearance.
  • Who requires Emigration Clearance?
    All Indian citizens whose Passports have been categorized as “Emigration Check Required” (ECR) are required to obtain Emigration Clearance (EC) from the POEs before proceeding to specified “ECR Countries” for the purpose of employment. As of now the Passports of all those persons whose educational qualification is below matric or 10th Standard are categorized as ECR Passports. An endorsement (ECR seal/stamp/remark) to this effect is provided either in the second page or in the last page of the Passport by the passport authorities in India ie. Regional Passport officers (RPOs) at the time of issue of Passports. The employers are, therefore, advised to be aware of these legal requirements before recruiting Indian workers as well ensure that the Indian workers recruited obtain necessary Emigration Clearance if they are of ECR category. Recruiting Indian Workers without adhering to these legal requirements is illegal.
  • What is the mandatory recruitment documents required to be authorized by the Employers and given to the Registered Agents in India?
    The following are the three major mandatory documents required to be authorized by the employer in his letter head and given to the Registered Agents in Indian to undertake recruitment of Indian workers. Demand Letter: A “demand means” the category wise, skill-wise number of workers required by the employer for being employed in his establishment. This includes description of job-specifications and salary offered. This should be in the letter head of the employer addressed to the registered agent in India. Power of Attorney: An employer shall authorize a recruiting agent in India, registered under the provisions of the Act, by a power of attorney executed in favour of the recruiting agent authorizing that recruiting agent for the purposes of the recruitment of persons on his behalf. The above power of attorney shall be valid for the period of the employment contract of the recruited workers even if the certificate of registration of such recruiting agent ceases to be valid before that period. Unless specified normally the power of attorney is construed to be valid for one year from the date of issue. Specimen Contract of Employment: In addition to the above, the employer is also, required to provide a “Specimen Contract of employment” in his letter head duly authorized to indicate the various terms and conditions of employment of the worker in advance.
  • What is meant by “prior attestation of recruitment documents” by Indian Mission? Whether all recruitment documents need prior attestation from all Indian missions?
    “Prior attestation of recruitment documents” means a kind of authorization done by the Indian missions on the recruitment documents to certify the authenticity and genuine of the documents as well as the requirement for the workers by the Employer. Currently, the Government of India has notified that for recruitment of Indian workers to the following Five Countries prior attestation of recruitment documents (Demand Letter, Power of Attorney and specimen contract of employment) for all categories is mandatory without which the employer/Indian Registered Agent will not be permitted to undertake recruitment in India by the Protectors of Emigrants.
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