How To Work As A Nurse In Ireland

Are you looking for Nursing Jobs in Ireland for overseas Nurses? Contact us today and let us help you secure your dream nursing job. Nursing Jobs in Ireland are open to all overseas nurses across all disciplines. Register with us today and upload your CV and easily apply for any nursing roles that are available on a daily basis. Our dedicated staff also assist you with CV preparation as well as advice on interview techniques for hospital personnel interviews. Furthermore we will offer assistance with completing NMBI documents and applying for your Visas. Finally we welcome each new overseas nurse in Ireland with a meet and greet and a welcome pack.

How to Register as an overseas Nurse

To get further information please contact: Ms. Susan Mathew – our Senior Recruitment Officer on Telephone No. : +91-22-25935577 / 88 / 99 or simply drop an email on

Please See Below A Step By Step Process For Overseas Nurses Outside The EU Applying To Work In Ireland As A Nurse
  1. To begin, our agency receives the candidate CV.
  2. Agency sets up interview with candidate via skype.
  3. If candidate has not yet applied for their IELTS , Agency advises how to sit for exams.
  4. If candidate has not yet applied to NMBI, agency will advise candidate how to apply.
  5. Candidate applies to NMBI for the first application form and completes same and returns with a fee of €350.
  6. Consequently NMBI will then send out to the candidate the full application form and all sections must be completed and returned to NMBI.
  7. Once candidate has passed IELTS, agency will set up interview with clients.
  8. Agency will prepare candidate for interview.
  9. If candidate is successful at interview, Candidate receives Offer letter of Employment.
  10. Assist candidate in completing necessary documentation as per client’s requirements.
  11. Once Candidate receives decision letter from NMBI, agency will book candidate’s adaptation in one of approved facilities in Ireland or book exam through the RSCI.
  12. Agency will apply for candidate's certificate.
  13. Agency will apply for Atypical Visa for candidate.
  14. Assist candidate in applying for entry visa
  15. Assist candidate booking flights and organise accommodation if necessary.
  16. Meet and Greet at Airport with welcome pack.
  17. Candidate commences adaptation in one of approved facilities in Ireland or exam through the RSCI.
  18. Once candidate successful completes their adaptation and starts employment with client as a pre reg nurse.
  19. Candidate will receive pin within a 2 week time line from NMBI.
  20. Assist client in applying for candidate work permit if necessary.
  21. Finally, we will contact the candidate within a 4 week period to ensure they are happy with their placement.

Due to delays and the fact that this process can take approximately 8–12 weeks it is advisable to start your application for Nursing Jobs in Ireland for Overseas Nurses as soon as possible if you are seriously considering relocating to Ireland.

Requirements for candidates applying to work as a nurse in Ireland
  • BSC Nursing / Diploma in Nursing
  • Male / Female Staff Nurses
  • At least 3 years’ experience is required in the same speciality from a Tertiary Hospital
  • Valid Nursing Registration License
  • Furthermore Nurses outside of the EU must have their IELTS completed to be eligible for interview.
  • All documents submitted (educational/license and experience) should be genuine and true. Any misrepresentation done will result in termination of the job offer and similar consequences. **
Academic IELTS score required for Ireland:

IELTS Academic Test

Minimum scores












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