Seismic Survey Operations

Our company recruits manning crew for Seismic Survey Operations and we have successfully carried out the deployment of various categories like:

  • Party Chiefs / Party Managers
  • Observers Senior / Junior
  • Navigators Senior / Junior
  • Rigel Pilots / Pilot Boat Masters
  • HSE Managers / Officers / Assistants
  • Gunlink Operators
  • Gun Mechanics Senior /Junior
  • Doctors / Medics / EMT / Male Nurses
  • Deck Supervisors / Workshop Supervisors
  • Cable Boat Mechanics Senior / Junior
  • Radio Officers
  • Bosuns / Winchmen / Mechanics / Welders
  • Cable Repairers / Cable Pullers / Cable Helpers

We have recruited crew for CGG, a French-based geophysical services company, which provides seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation services, as well as related processing and interpretation software to clients in the oil and gas exploration and production business.

Our Clients in Seismic Survey Operations are,

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