Why Choose Jesseena?
Why Choose Jesseena?

Why Choose Jesseena ?

We Possess

We possess an intimate knowledge of the needs of our Clients and we assist the Employers in finding quality manpower, suiting their needs and requirements.

We Help You
Save Time & Money

We help you save time, worry and money by providing the Right Candidate for the Right Job thus eliminating the risk of running an organization that lacks talented staff to make it successful.

We Deliver
Highest Quality

We pride ourselves in providing Human Resource Solutions with highest quality of service and we comply with industry standards of practice.

We invest the time to understand your business and its culture
Responsive to the needs and requests of our Clients.
Work within our values of trust, integrity and honesty.
We do not compromise on quality at any stage.
Resourceful in finding solutions.
Reliable in delivering outcomes.
Personalized in our service.
We Pre-screen each candidate that we put forward
Selection of the very best candidates for your organisation.

What We Offer






For providing the best candidates to suit your specific requirements, we pre-screen and pre-select candidates before submitting their details to you. This ensures accurate matching from both your and the candidate’s perspectives.

At Jesseena Human Resources, every candidate is pre-screened by a highly structured interview method with a trained consultant. Thus the overall quality of the candidate, his personal and career motives are assessed. Also, a Jesseena Human Resources formatted CV is written for each candidate with references provided by previous line managers. This allows easy comparison of different candidates

Here we continually refresh our nationwide registered candidate’s database by directly contacting them by telephone & via mail for updating their personal records. We also arrange interview of the short listed candidates on video or telephonic conferencing as per requirement.

We press into service whatever expertise that is most relevant to clients and candidates within the sector concerned, while increasing the chances of a successful placement for both

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