Healthcare Licensing Examination (Prometric) & Dataflow Verification

All foreign medical personnel planning to work at hospitals / healthcare facilities in Middle East have to write an exam often referred to as ‘Prometric’ to register in the Healthcare Commission or council in the country of employment. This exam is a medium to check whether healthcare Professionals are competent enough in meeting the different needs of the international clients. This Exam is applicable for Different categories of Healthcare Professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, and Technicians etc. The question pattern and exam eligibility varies for every country in Middle East.

We offers assistance to register for various Licensing Exams such as:

  • Saudi Prometric

  • Qatar Prometric

  • MOH Prometric

  • DHA (Dubai Health Authority) Licensing Examination

  • HAAD (Abu Dhabi)

  • Oman Prometric

  • Licensing Examination is conducted online and can be taken through a test centre available across the Globe.
  • Each Licensing Exam may have restricted number of attempts post which you are ineligible to apply for the same.
  • Fees of the examination varies for each country.
  • To know more details or if you need assistance mail us on


Dataflow is a primary source verification of an Applicants certificates and details furnished by him/her at the time of application for a job with an Employer.

To confirm the accuracy of applicants' certificates and legal documents, DataFlow checks with the issuing source of the document irrespective of the language, country or region.

Dataflow or verification is done for following mentioned documents:

Dataflow is applicable for candidates selected in following countries:

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Bahrain

Apart from Middle East, dataflow is also required by some other countries, kindly check the Dataflow website for more details:

Any fake/forged/illegal document of any form submitted to the Dataflow group may result in a negative report being generated which will lead to employment termination or similar consequence even leading to blacklisting from the country of employment.

We are not responsible for any such instance arising if any.

Clearing Prometric exam and obtaining a positive report from Dataflow is essential to register with the Healthcare Council or commission in the country of employment.

Jesseena Human Resources offers Prometric coaching in its training centre in Kochi and Skype classes for Nursing Professionals across the globe as per their convenience.

We have 100 % success rate for Prometric examination.


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