Do we have a Recruitment License or are we approved by Govt.?

Yes, Jesseena is registered and approved by the Government of India, we are Licensed with Ministry of Shipping and Ministry of External Affairs

What are the Countries where we recruit?

We recruit for Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Oman, Kuwait, Malaysia, UK and Ireland

What if a candidate doesn’t have passport?

We recommend our candidates to approach us when they have their passport ready with them for any recruitment outside their country of residence.

How to apply for any suitable job opening?

If you see any suitable openings on our website/Facebook page, simply register with us on the ‘Candidate Login’ page and upload your CV with all documents on our website ( and click ‘APPLY’ against the respective vacancy. Registering on our website, will enable us to notify you on any future vacancy suitable to your role. If you do not wish to register with us, you can email your CV with complete set of documents on

What documents are required when applying for a specific post/position?

A CV is just a document for initial review. Employers now mandatorily require the complete educational/experience certificates of any prospective candidate to ensure they choose the right person for the right task. Thus it would be the best to apply with complete documents for any role. The following documents are required when applying: - SSC Mark sheet / HSC Mark sheet - Diploma/Degree Mark sheets, Transcripts, Convocation certificate - Certifications/ License documents - Experience certificates/ Still Working letter from current employer - Reference letters (from present employer) - Passport Copy (with one year validity atleast) - Photograph (passport size preferably in blue or white background)

What is the procedure for applying for any suitable opening?

1. Register with us on our website: with your CV and all documents or email us your CV and all documents on the mentioned email id. 2. Once we receive your documents we take time to check the same to ensure your papers are in place and correct. Please note that if your qualification is done from an open schooling or by means of distance education, it will not be acceptable. Fake certificates, forged, misinterpreted, illegal documents of any form would not be entertained. If found so, your application would be dropped immediately. 3. The executive/consultant handling your application would contact you to check your availability and interest. If you respond positively, your documents would be forwarded to the client. 4. There could be a skype interview or if it is a CV selection based process, the time period required for evaluating your CV is dependent on the client. 5. Once we receive a feedback from the client regarding your application, you would be informed the same. 6. If you are selected, we would revert with your Job offer and confirm your interest for the position offered against the mentioned terms and conditions. 7. If you accept the offer, our consultant would guide you regarding the next processing steps.

What is the process if I am selected for a post applied?

If you are selected, the further processing varies from client to client, the position you are selected against and the country of employment. We have generalized the process as stated below: 1. Pre Medical Test a. Open Medical to be done from a GCC approved Medical Centre only b. Mantoux- Sputum Test : This can be done from any hospital 2. HRD Attestation Attestation of certificates from Human Resource Development Department (HRD), Government of India is available for all UGC or AICTE Approved Certificates. This attestation is required for getting a job in Foreign Countries. HRD Attestation is not required for jobs in India. Every state has its own HRD section. Candidates need to get their Diploma/Degree certificates attested from the state where they have studied. 3. Ministry of External Affairs Attestation (MEA) MEA attestation is functioning under the ministry of external affairs govt. of India. Ministry of External Affairs attest all the certificate issued in any state in India. HRD attestation needs to be completed for the MEA attestation. MEA attest all educational certificate, non education certificate and commercial certificates. MEA attestation is mandatory for all attestation. 4. Embassy Attestation When a person from India goes abroad for job purpose his/her certificate have to be attested by that countries Embassy or consulate in India. Embassy will attest all educational, non-educational and commercial document if the certificate already attested by MEA. 5. GAMCA Medical Once all your certificates are attested by the Embassy, and the VISA is issued by the Client, the candidate needs to undergo a medical from GCC Medical centre. 6. If found FIT and with all certificates in place, you are now ready to travel to your country of employment.

What is the duration of a contract?

Contract duration in Middle East sector is normally a minimum period of 2 years. In some of the countries it is one year and is renewable afterwards. 95 % contracts are renewable unless specified or terminated due to any specific reason.

Do companies provide us accommodation in the country of employment?

Yes, 90% of companies provide accommodation, transportation & medical facilities.

How much time does it take to complete the after selection processing, before final mobilization?

The time duration for processing of your application, once selected varies according to your designation or post you are selected in, normally the minimum time required is 2-3 months (for labour category it could just be 1 month or so).

Does my offer provide me with a family status VISA?

Most of the positions do not provide you with a family status VISA except for Doctors. Most of the Consultants, specialists in Hospitals are only provided with family status VISA. Nurses applying for Ireland are provided with a family status VISA.

Do I need to clear any exam prior to my mobilization?

Healthcare Professionals have to clear an online exam specific to the country where they wish to work. Please note that the exams are online based exams for which a requisite amount of fees needs to be paid and have restricted number of attempts. The exams differ for each country.