Recruitment Trip - Documentation

For employers who wish to conduct Recruitment Trip to India, there are certain certain processes that needs to be completed by the Employer as listed below:

  • E-migrate Registration
  • Letter of Authority
  • Agreement
  • Agreement of Employment
  • Demand Letter
  • Visa Authorisation

The Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs has introduced a new System known as Emigrate System for Overseas Employers who wish to recruit Manpower from India. Every employer needs to register on the Emigrate by uploading the relevant documents listed and get the requisite approval online for Manpower Recruitment.


The process of recruitment services starts with an agreement between us and the Client Company, mentioning adequately the terms and conditions regarding dealing of manpower from India. This agreement is signed by both the parties and on acceptance of stated terms and conditions, the manpower transaction is executed.


The Employer / Principal will formally issue a demand letter in favour of Jesseena Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. stating the job categories, number of workers required in each category, monthly salary, duration of contract and other amenities for workers such as food, medical, transport, air passage, accommodation etc clearly in the demand letter. The demand letter must be endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce and Embassy of India in the country of employment.


The Employer / Principal will issue a letter of authority in favour of Jesseena Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. addressed to the Consulate General of the concerned Embassy in India, informing him that M/s. Jesseena Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. is their bonafide Manpower recruiting agent fully authorised to deal with all visa matters, submissions and delivery, with the said Embassy (applicable to middle-east and far-east countries only). This Letter of Authority must be attested by the Embassy of India situated in the country of employment and endorsed by its Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The agreement of Employment would be the basic Job offer provided to the selected candidates where their position, salary and other details are clearly mentioned.


The employer will have to update E-Wakala in the name of Jesseena Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. for facilitating VISA stamping of the candidates selected to Saudi Arabia.