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It has been brought to our attention that certain parties are sending out false notifications about various job offers to individuals and posting such kind of false information on various groups and forums in Facebook and other social networking sites in the name of Jesseena Marine Services Pvt. Ltd stating there are vacancies in certain organizations ( Hospitals / MNC's / Other Companies ) and interviews have been scheduled for the same.

These information are falsely stated to be from Jesseena Marine Services, we at Jesseena have not sent out any such posts or notifications in Facebook or any other social networking websites.

Jesseena Human Resources and its affiliate bear no responsibility for the information( CV's / Personal Details / Contact numbers etc.) sent in response to such posts.

The public are warned such posts/ emails and notifications are fraud, which is being perpetrated in Jesseena's name by certain unknown person/ parties for their own ends.

Kindly note we do not share any kind of job offers or any other recruitment posts over Facebook or any other social networking site.